CHEO Telethon

Thanks to tremendous donor support, CHEO was able to purchase a CT scanner which is already having a positive impact on patient care. From babies to teenagers, many patients are sent for imaging in order to be accurately diagnosed and are exposed to less radiation as a result.  Technological advances have made scanners able to provide high resolution pictures with significantly reduced radiation and are much faster. This means a patient spends less time on the CT table. It can mean a reduced need for anesthesia as well. CT scans are the backbone of medical imaging. They give radiologists the critical information needed to diagnose illness and save lives. This new CT scanner will transform CHEO’s ability to improve overall patient care. Pictures of your child’s brain or body can be obtained much faster. These pictures are very accurate and detailed and they allow radiologists to detect small and important changes or concerns. Donor dollars are truly making a difference at CHEO.